Industrial solution provider
based on high-performance polyester

Macroocean is an innovate enterprise based on Human and Science. By integrating the power of Human and Science, we explore in the field of material science and life science, aiming to provide sustainable industrial solutions.

Macroocean has no long history, but we move forward to our clear goals steadfastly and up to now, we have obtained fast and stead development. Our independent R&D center is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, and our production base of advanced polymer materials is built in Changshu New Material Industrial Park.

We provide high quality products and industrial solutions based on polyester resin and its modification. The key market of our products includes household appliances, transportation, construction, electrical& electronics assembly, package, textile, industrial adhesives, photovoltaics, etc.

Macroocean Lab

Our research, based on scientific brand Macroocean Lab, is committed to basic research, development of the new products and technology. We are creating new research platform, exploring new technology and developing new products to expand our commercial field. Macroocean Lab is located in Suzhou Institute for Advanced Study of USTC, which owns unique scientific atmosphere and research resources.

Macroocean Lab, nearly 1,000㎡, has deep cooperated with USTC and other universities and shared research resources together.

Production Base---Macroocean Materials


As the first production base, Macroocean Materials has achieved the commercialization of research findings. Located in Changshu Advanced Material Industrial Park, our factory mainly products high-performance polyester materials. The products are widely used in coating, household appliances, electrical& electronics, assembly, package, textile, etc.

This base is one of the most advanced functional polyester production bases in China with the annual capacity of 18,000 ton. Macroocean has invested 60 million Yuan for the project, and the revenue will be up to 500 million Yuan. The factory introduces automatic controlled equipment to guarantee qualified and stable products.

Business Scope: produce high-performance polyester materials Address Changshu Advanced Material Industrial Park (AMIP)
Capital: 60,000,000 CNY Tel +86-512-52095665
Capacity: 18,000 tons Fax +86-512-52095664
Production Time: Jun 2014

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