Crysmelt™ Hot Melt

Industrial solutions provider based on high-performance polyester

Based on our functional modified polyester products, we focus on household appliance, construction, electrical and electronics, food packaging, solar photovoltaic and printing industries to provide coating, adhesive and printing ink solutions.

Excellent product quality is our pursuit. We get customers’ trust by quality reliability.

Intimate Cooperation with customers is our strategy.New products and solutions are carried out by cooperating with customers on projects.

Product Description:

Crystol™ is thermoplastic crystalline polyester resin, which can be used as hot melt adhesive in the application of textile and garment liner coating and none textile composite. The product is further extensively applied in automotive interior decoration, electronics, decoration and sports for its excellent adhesion to plastic, film, metal, paper and other substrates with good flexibility.


Crystalline polymer, outstanding acid and base resistance, solvent resistance

Excellent adhesion to many kinds of substrates (metal, textile, paper, leather, etc.), substrate without pretreatment

Short curing time, easy to industrial application

High thermal stability

Safe, food package

None organic solvent, low VOC, environment-friendly

Hot melt

Form Mn Tg  Tm  Melt index Features Applications
HS260 Pellet 25000 23 170 40 190 High Tm, heat resistance, adhesion to metal /plastic, high crystallinity, FDA standard  Weld seam sealing
HS270 Pellet 28000 22 155 25 190 Chemical resistance, adhesion to metal/plastic, FDA standard (21 CFR 175.300) 
Weld seam sealing
HS250 Pellet 18000 -3 124 82 150 Long open time, water resistance, adhesion to textile and non-woven fabrics  Fusible interlining
HS370 Pellet 29000 16 130 20 160 Low crystalline , chemical and water resistance, adhesion to textile/non-woven Fusible interlining
HS760 Pellet 27000 14 171 55 190 Fast crystallization rate, short open time, soft, good flow ability, FDA standard Weld seam sealing
HS761 Pellet 25000 27 170 55 190 FDA standard (21 CFR 175.300)  Weld seam sealing
HS650 Pellet 20000 27 163 54 190 Long open time, hardness, water resistance Hot melt film
HS460 Pellet 21000 18 145 80 190 Long open time, PET adhesion, good fluidity Hot melt film
HS560 Pellet 21000 23 156 80 190 Based on HS270, lower Mn, higher melt index Weld seam sealing
HS170 Pellet 20000 1.5 111 74 150 Metal & PET adhesion, solvent resistance Hot melt film
HT8050 Pellet -17 19000 87 80 160 PET adhesion, partial solvent solubility
can be dissolved into solution
Ink, coating
Hot melt film
HT6070 Pellet -19 30000 90 80 160 PET adhesion, can be dissolved into solution Ink, hot melt film
HT6100 Pellet -35 48000 80 100 160 Good adhesion to PET/copper/nickel, and soft  Easy tear cover
  • Product GuideFusible interlining

    Crysmelt series products can be melted and reach the purpose of adhesion, which can be dusted on the surface of textile to make fusible interlining. Clothes made from fusible interlining are crisp, soft and light.
    « Resistance to wash and dry cleaning
    « Strong adhesion especially to polyester fabrics
    « Hot pressing temperature above 80 ℃, wide range, feel smooth
    « Suitable for coat fusible interlining, especially for women’s wear and polyester fabrics
    « Without solvent, environment-friendly

  • Product GuideFilter

    Crysmelt series products can be used as adhesive of automotive filter, especially adhesion to automotive air filter.
    « Flexibility, easy to adjust for specific weight of filter
    « Tm over 200 ℃, heat stability
    « Short crystallization time, high production speed
    « Outstanding adhesion, bond strength remains all along
    « Without solvent, environment-friendly

  • Product GuideWeld seam sealing

    Crysmelt series products can be made into thermoplastic powder coating for weld seam sealing in tree-piece can.
    « Short crystallization time, several seconds curing time, high production speed
    « Good adhesion of thermoplastic coating, flexibility, machinability
    « Environment-friendly, food safe
    « Chemical resistance

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