Industrial solutions provider based on high-performance polyester

We develop industrial adhesive binder based on polyester resin. Besides high quality products and comprehensive service, we also provide sustainable industrial solutions to meet the change of market demands and serve the customers.
We provide not only the qualified product but also the solutions for industry development.

Polyester Products

Innovate as you need

During the synthesis of polyester, we add functional monomer and optimize the production technology to make our products with higher performance and broader versatility.

We can provide:

  • Technical Support

    Not only provides technical support for products, Macroocean also provides comprehensive technical solution based on our strong research and innovation platform.

  • New!Multimod™ Specially Modified Polyester

    Macroocean R&D team fully integrates the performance advantages of both polyester and other resins by various modification methods. This is Multimod™!


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