Multimod™ Modified

Industrial solutions provider based on high-performance polyester

Based on our functional modified polyester products, we focus on household appliance, construction, electrical and electronics, food packaging, solar photovoltaic and printing industries to provide coating, adhesive and printing ink solutions.

Excellent product quality is our pursuit. We get customers’ trust by quality reliability.

Intimate Cooperation with customers is our strategy.New products and solutions are carried out by cooperating with customers on projects.

Product Description:

MULTIMOD™ is a series of polyester-based modified products. We use a variety of modification methods to improve the product performance to meet customer needs.

MULTIMOD has the following three series: LM series low molecular weight polyester, APT series polyester-based adhesion promoter and SMP series high-performance special modified polyester.


LM series low molecular weight polyester

It contains a series of low molecular weight polyester with specially designed structures. Low molecular weight and plenty of cross-linking groups make it be wide used in coatings, inks and adhesives to promote adhesion. At the same time, as LM series products are all solid with good solubility, its application range is further expended.

APT series adhesion promoters

It contains a series of polyester-based adhesion promoters. It can improve the adhesion to substrates or coatings of many coating, ink and adhesive systems.

SMP series high-performance modified polyester

It contains a series of special modified resins based on the molecular skeleton of polyester structure. We fully integrate the performance advantages of both polyester and other resins by grafting, hybridization and other modification methods. We can also provide customized development service to meet customer’s different demand.

Low molecular weight polyester

Mn Tg OH value Acid value Features
°C KOH mg/g KOH mg/g
LM610 2,500 67 45~55 0~3 Linear, hardness, water&chemical resistance
LM512 3,000 46 45~55 0~3 Linear, solubility, compatibility, adhesion
LM511 3,000 58 50~60 0~3 High branching, high reactivity, pigment dispersibility,
LM810 2,000 25 80~90 3~7 High branching, low Tg, high hydroxyl value, reactivity

Polyester adhesion promoter

Mn Form Color Viscosity Tg OH value Acid value Features Applications
Pa.s(23°C) °C KOH mg/g KOH mg/g
APT-W1 3500 60% Solution <3 0.4~0.6 23 22~28 20~26 Provide reactive hydroxyl&carboxyl, improve film flexibility and adhesion to metal/plastic Coil/can coating,
Printing ink
APT-H1 2500 Solid - - 70 18~24 10~16 Provide reactive hydroxyl&carboxyl, improve adhesion of alkyds/acrylics to metal/plastic Industrial coating
Wood coating
Printing ink
APT-F1 800 100% Liquid <3 6.0~8.0 - 195~210 0~3 Metal adhesion, high cross-linking, water&heat resistance, high solid content Metal decorative paint
Primer for car
APT-X1 800 100% Liquid <3 7.0~9.0 - 40~50 40~50 Improve adhesion to metal such as steel and aluminum plates, improve water resistance Printing ink
Metal coating

Special modified polyester

Mn Form Solution Color Tg OH value Acid value Applications
°C KOH mg/g KOH mg/g
A230 6,000 50%Liquid Xylene/150# <5 30 17~23 22~28 Screen printing ink, industrial paint
E270 7,000 50%Liquid Xylene/150# <5 70 18~24 2~6 BPA-free can interior coating
E320 10,000 50%Liquid Xylene/150# <5 20 12~18 2~6 BPA-free can interior coating
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