Multimod™ Modified

Industrial solutions provider based on high-performance polyester

Based on our functional modified polyester products, we focus on household appliance, construction, electrical and electronics, food packaging, solar photovoltaic and printing industries to provide coating, adhesive and printing ink solutions.

Excellent product quality is our pursuit. We get customers’ trust by quality reliability.

Intimate Cooperation with customers is our strategy.New products and solutions are carried out by cooperating with customers on projects.

Product Description:

As an industry solution provider of high-performance polyester resin products, Macroocean experienced that more and more customers are not satisfied with the flexibility and adhesion of high-performance polyester products. It is hoped that these products have more special properties, such as high adhesion to a wider range of substrates, extremely high reactivity, strong resistance, excellent tensile strength and other properties while still retaining their traditional characteristics.

Obviously, these characteristics have exceeded the traditional characteristics of polyester itself, and product development ideas cannot be limited to a single polyester system. Therefore, in order to provide customers with more diverse solutions under their needs, Macroocean has built the high-performance polymer platform to realize new ideas continuously and expand the product system. As a result, we launches a new MULTIMODTM series of various modified polyester products.

MULTIMODTM series is a kind of diversified modified products based on polyester structure. We can improve the performance of polyester products through various modification methods according to customer needs. MULTIMODTM is divided into three series: LM series-low molecular weight copolyester, APT series-polyester structure adhesion promotion resin and SMP series-high performance modified copolyester.


1. LM series-low molecular weight copolyester

It contains a series of polyester products with lower molecular weight and specially designed structure. It has a low molecular weight and many cross-linking groups. It can be used as a polyester for coatings, inks and adhesives. At the same time, since the LM series products are all solid and have good solubility, the scope of application is greatly increased.

2. APT series-polyester structure adhesion promotion resin

It contains a series of polyester-based structural adhesion promoters to improve the adhesion of various coatings, inks and adhesive systems corresponding substrates or coatings.

3. SMP series-high performance modified copolyester

SMP series products are a type of resin products, which use polyester structure as the main body of the molecular skeleton and combine the performance advantages of polyester and other structural resins through chemical modification methods such as grafting and hybridization. This series of products can also be customized according to the different needs of customers.

LM series- Low MW

Item Form Structure Molecular weight(Mn) Tg() Softening point() Specific gravity(g/cm³, 23°C) Acid value(mg KOH/g) Hydroxyl value(mg KOH/g)
LM512 lump B 3,000 52 99 1.22 10 70
L-linear;  B-branched

APT series - Adhesion promoting polyester

Item Form Structure Molecular weight(Mn) Tg() Softening point() Specific gravity(g/cm³, 23°C) Acid value(mg KOH/g) Hydroxyl value(mg KOH/g)
APT-H1 lump L 2,500 65 99 1.29 20 26
APT-W1 melt lump L 3,500 23 63 1.28 18 30
APT-44 lump L 2,000 45 - - 21 20
APT-K8 liquid B 17,000 - - 1.11 2 210
L-linear;  B-branched


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