Our Future

Suzhou "Functional Polymer" Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Short –term Planning

    -High-performance polyester resin

    Excellent weather resistance
    Balance of hardness &flexibility
    High solid content&low viscosity
    High corrosion resistance
    BPA free
    High temperature resistance
    Halogen-free flame retardant
    Poaching resistance

    -Environment-friendly polyester resin

    Water-soluble polyester resin
    Water-dispersed polyester resin
    Crystalline polyester resin

    -Functional –modified polyester
    -Hot-melt polyamide adhesion
  • Long-term Planning

    -High performance fiber


    -3D print material


    powder material

    -Nano material
  • Medium-term Planning

    - Water-based resin

    For coatings and adhesive

    - Modified resin

    For printing cartridge
    For laser print and copy toner

    -Polyester engineering plastics


    Thermoplastic elastomer

    -Polyamide engineering plastics
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