Explore the law of talent development, create value together

Training and Learing
Full training, full development.

In order to help members to achieve self-growth, we have set up and continuously improve the training system and growth plan. The company provides the opportunities to improve and develop members' personal development.

Lifelong learning, self responsibility.

We believe that learning is one of the most important ways of achieving self growth. We encourage members to establish the sense of lifelong learning and learning at any time. We also attach great importance to the development of latent ability and independent learning. We believe that learning is endless, only through continuous learning, we can continue to enhance ourselves, improve the level of wisdom. We strive to provide our members with an opportunity for further education.

Development Channel

We believe that personal development means the embodiment of personal values. Personal development and the company's development are closely linked. Personal development is the motive power to promote company's development, and the continuous growth of company means the expansion of personal platform.

To this end, we strive to create an open development system to encourage members based on their own interests and expertise to maximize personal values. We implement a fair and transparent career development system for each member.

Development Channel 1 Fulfill their duties, rank promotion

This rising channel, the rank system, is based on job performance.

For members who are diligent in their daily tasks and have received good performance appraisals, they will be given a rank promotion in the results assessment.

Development Channel 2 Domain specialist, title promotion

This rising channel, the title system, is based on the ability and contribution.

For members who have high output, can actively accumulate work experience, or actively expand their professional knowledge, they will be given a title promotion in the results assessment.

Development Channel 3 Career generalist, position promotion

This career advancement channel is based on company organizational structure. It will provide promotion opportunities for members who have managerial skills and are accountable to teams of different sizes.

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