Salaries and Benefits

Share happiness with family and society


We actively establish the balance plan between work and family, and pay attention to members’ family situation and responsibilities.

If necessary, we try to provide flexible working time system and telecommuting.

In the important period of marriage, fertility, child care, we will give full support to members.

We encourage members to participate in fitness activities.

  • Basic care

    5 social insurance&housing fund, Supplementary commercial insurance

  • Health care

    Annual health examination

  • Festival blessing

    Festival gift, Gift card/coupon

  • Life support

    Interest-free loan, Meal allowance,           Traffic allowance

  • Blessing gift

    Gifts for marriage/childbirth, Birthday gift

  • Entertainment

    Annual tourism, Cultural activities, Networking dinner

  • Additional benefits for talents

    Major disease insurance, Car and household support…



One salary system based on personal capacity and contribution to company

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