Novoc™ Water Based

Industrial solutions provider based on high-performance polyester

Based on our functional modified polyester products, we focus on household appliance, construction, electrical and electronics, food packaging, solar photovoltaic and printing industries to provide coating, adhesive and printing ink solutions.

Excellent product quality is our pursuit. We get customers’ trust by quality reliability.

Intimate Cooperation with customers is our strategy.New products and solutions are carried out by cooperating with customers on projects.

Product Description:

NOVOC™ series are anionic, water-dispersible high molecular weight polyester products. This series of products has excellent dispersion effect on fine particles and stable dispersion with using of water as a medium. They do not contain surfactants such as emulsifiers. It is non-combustible, with small odor, good for energy saving and environmental protection.It is easy to operate, etc. Same as the solvent-based polyesters, NOVOC™ can be cured and cross-linked with isocyanates, amino resins, etc. to obtain good adhesion strength. NOVOC™ series products can not only perform surface pretreatment on substrates such as paper, plastic film, leather and aluminum foil, but also perform amazingly in the textile industry because of their strong adhesion to polyester fibers, nylon fibers and fabrics. In additional, the use of NOVOC™ series products can reduce VOC emissions during the production processing, which is more conducive to environmental protection and human health compare with other solvent-based products.


-       The same superior performance of solvent-based polyester with high bonding strength;

-       Stable pH and viscosity;

-       Anionic, can be stably dispersed in water-based systems;

-       Good water resistance, heat resistance and good durability;

-       The solution appears as transparent, unclear, turbid, emulsion, gel, and layered;

-       Good flexibility;

-       Water-dispersible resin, self-emulsifying, without neutralizer like amine and ammonia;

-       Low VOC, good for environmental protection.

WS series-anionic waterborne copolyester

 Item Form Solvent system  Molecular weight(Mn)  Tg () pH value Acid value(mg KOH/g)  Hydroxyl value(mg KOH/g)  Characteristics
WS250 lump water  5,000 65 5~7 30 10 High acid value, high Tg, solubility 
WS461 pellet alcohol+water  12,000 60 5~7 3 10 Water resistance, high Tg, anti-sticky
WS464 pellet alcohol+water  15,000 67 5~7 3 8 Weather resistance, water resistance
WS565 pellet alcohol+water  20,000 62 5~7 4 6 Good solvent resistance
WS350 pellet water  10,000 57 5~7 6 6 Good solubility in water, hardness
WS452 pellet alcohol+water  12,000 54 5~7 3 10 PET adhesion
WS451 pellet alcohol+water  12,000 52 5~7 3 10 Water resistance, anti-sticky
WS440 pellet water  12,000 44 5~7 6 6 PET adhesion, soft
WS442 pellet alcohol+water  12,000 44 5~7 3 8 Water resistance
WS431 sheet alcohol+water  10,000 30 5~7 3 8 Water resistance, PET adhesion
WS114 sheet alcohol+water  15,000 12 5~7 3 8 PET adhesion, soft
WS011H sheet alcohol+water  15,000 -2 5~7 4 7 PET adhesion, crystalline, Tm: 110°C
WS069H sheet alcohol+water  22,000 -9 5~7 4 7 PET adhesion, semi-crystalline
WS085H sheet alcohol+water  17,000 -15 5~7 4 7 PET adhesion, crystalline, Tm: 86°C


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