Talents Value

Talents, the foundation of Macroocean

Talents Strategy
  • Recruitment of talents

    We adhere to the principle of "dared to be the first, competent to be appointed".

    Through internal selection and internal promotion mechanism, Let members grow together with Macroocean, which helps to maintain the company's cohesion, promote members sense of pride and ownership.

  • Retention of talents

    Macroocean provides a very competitive salary system and welfare benefits in the industry.

    Through the establishment of a good corporate culture, we offer the humane care to each member, so that everyone can work with full happiness.

    At the same time, Macroocean efforts to build a stage for each member to show their intelligence and achieve self-realization.

  • Appointment of talents

    We give each member the full trust and affirmation, through offering the opportunities of contact with important customer and practice of key tasks, it helps members to find their own potential highlights and shortcomings.

  • Introduction of talents

    Our talents strategy is diversified. We gather together people of al different backgrounds to share their talents and creativity.

    We are constantly looking for those who enjoy, have the same common values, ambition and the pursuit of excellence to join us.

Our Members
  • It has been five years since I joined Macroocean after graduated from the university In 2010. There is little progress from unsuspectingly until now. I am working as the research and development engineer. I am very pride as the company is growing gradually. From the beginning, we just have two small labs, but now the factory has been established and put into operation. All the members in Macroocean spend a lot of effort, share happiness and sorrows in that period. We can insist because of the harmonious atmosphere, good working environment and the same faith to cooperate together to do the business. The dream is not unrealistic, and we have dream in Macroocean.


  • I joined Macroocean after I graduated from the university. I am very concerned about the problem of how to grow in the workplace. In Macroocean, I have realized how to perform well at the beginning of the career as a young one taking the first step into the society. It is the most precious harvest that you should work logically, and develop good working attitude, which is the essential quality that working people must have.


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