Innovative Materials

  • Catalytic Tech.

    Core technology for controlling reaction process

    Catalytic system plays an important role in the process of polymer synthesis. The catalyst type, ratio and adding order are important in our development of innovative materials.

    In addition, during process amplification, the accurate catalytic technique ensures the stability of product.

  • Polymer Design

    Basic technology for high-performance polymer development

    Macroocean is an innovative company based on functional polymer. The design, modification, synthesis and production capabilities of polymer are our core competencies. We have possessed the key technical capabilities, such as molecular model design, reverse synthesis analysis and formula design. These ensure that we can design and modify polymer to meet customer needs.

  • Bonding Tech.

    Pioneering technology of adhesive composite materials

    Macroocean has rich application experience of bonding. During customers’ adhesive product development stage, we can provide abundant selection of adhesive polymer to help customers face various bonding challenges. Comprehensive bonding knowledge makes it possible to leverage our worldwide expertise to provide customers with bonding solutions.

  • Coating Tech.

    Key technology of coating application

    Our coating application platform has the capacity to evaluate the coating from different dimensions. Abundant coating application data, combined with the comprehensive analysis of resins in the coating, provide us more comprehensive data support for the design and modification of polymer.

    Based on it, Macroocean can provide comprehensive solution for coating industry.

Performance Design/Synthetic analysis inversion

↓ Characterization Method

↓ Testing Technique

↓ Analysis Technique

Molecular Design

↓ Component Design

↓ Structure Design

↓ Mechanism Research

Synthetic Design

↓ Formula Design

↓ Catalytic System

↓ Synthetic Route

↓ Experimental Equipment

↓ Parameter Setting

↓ Control Design

Performance Evaluation

↓ Testing Technique

↓ Application Platform

Industrialization Design

↓ Pilot-scale Technology

  • 01UV-curing Product

    The photoinitiating group of UV product generates free radicals after absorbing ultraviolet light, and the free radicals initiate the cross-linking reaction between the molecular chains to form a network structure. These products only need light curing and are free from organic solvents. It reduces VOC emissions.

  • 02PUR Hot-melt Adhesive

    PUR hot-melt adhesive is moisture-curing reactive polyurethane. After coating in molten state (free from solvent), the coating will take place cross-linking reaction in the air through the moisture. Same like hot-melt product, the whole process no needs organic solvents and is more environmentally friendly.

  • 03Hot Melt Product

    Macroocean Crysmelt™ is a type of crystalline polymer. Deferent from amorphous polyester, it does not need organic solvents during use. That can reduce or even eliminate VOC emission.

  • 04Water Based Product

    NOVOCTM series is water-based polyester products. It can be directly applied to paint coating, ink, film pretreatment and other fields instead of solvent-based products, and reduce the use of organic solvents.

  • 05High-solid & Low-viscosity Product

    The product can be dissolved in a higher solid content in organic solvents, and at the same time still maintain a low viscosity and good application performance. Due to low solvent content, the VOC emission is reduced during baking. The product is more friendly to environment.

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