Ulviocure™ UV curable

Industrial solutions provider based on high-performance polyester

Based on our functional modified polyester products, we focus on household appliance, construction, electrical and electronics, food packaging, solar photovoltaic and printing industries to provide coating, adhesive and printing ink solutions.

Excellent product quality is our pursuit. We get customers’ trust by quality reliability.

Intimate Cooperation with customers is our strategy.New products and solutions are carried out by cooperating with customers on projects.

Product Description:

 Ultraviolet curable resin is garnering widespread attention for its low-polluting, energy-saving properties and high productivity. ULVIOCURE is a special type of ultraviolet curable resin mainly emphasized on polyester acrylate oligomers. ULVIOCURE is suitable for use in a wide range of applications.


Adhesion to various substrates, like metal, film and other hard-to-adhere materials

Low shrinkage ratio

Short curing time, high production efficiency

Lower VOC, environment-friendly

High cross-linking density, chemical resistance

High hardness, high gloss

Friction resistance, solvent resistance

UV-heat dual curable

UV curable resin

Mn Form Tg(°C) OH value(mg KOH/g) Acid value(mg KOH/g) Functionality Features
UC066M 6000 Solid -20 0~3 20~25 6 Flexibility, boiling resistance, low shrinkage
UC034M 3500 Solid -10 0~3 31~35 4 Flexibility, boiling resistance, pigment dispersion
UC182 8000 Solid 19 0~3 16~20 2 PET, PC adhesion, low shrinkage
UC096 10000 Solid 7 0~3 10~14 6 Adhesion, weatherability/anti-aging
UC214 11000 Solid 20 0~3 5~9 4 Processing, flexibility, yellowing resistance
UC384 8000 Solid 36 0~3 12~16 4 Solubility, balance of hardness and flexibility
UC198 14000 Solid 12 0~3 15~19 8 PET and metal adhesion, chemical resistance
UC396 10000 Solid 32 0~3 13~17 6 Al adhesion, balance of hardness and flexibility
UC487 8000 Solid 48 3~6 8~12 7 Stain resistance, chemical resistance, hardness
UC594 10000 Solid 58 3~6 3~7 4 Chemical resistance, high hardness
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