Macroocean identified as the national high-tech enterprise

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In 2014, Macroocean is awarded as the “national high-tech enterprise” because of the independent technological innovation and leading product quality.

Macroocean is an innovative enterprise based on Human and Science, which is exploring in the field of material science and life science. Macroocean has established “Macroocean Lab” as the R&D center. Macroocean Lab is providing the technologic advantages by exploring new technologies and developing new products. Until Now, Macroocean laboratory has successfully applied for 13 invention patents and eight utility model patents, and Macroocean is paying attention to the protection of intellectual property rights formed in the process of continuous innovation.

In 2011, Macroocean has won the title of the technology leader talent in Suzhou Industry Park because of the project of “polymer in the field of bonding technique / nano composite materials”. In 2012 Macroocean’s another project, " water based polyester resin for environmental starching"

has been identified as the “ National Torch Plan industrialization demonstration project”. In 2013, the Macroocean laboratory, because of the outstanding research results and professional research team, won the “Suzhou Municipal Engineering and technology research center in 2013”. Because of the continuous accumulation in the five years,  Macroocean has formed profound knowledge and research results, so that we can win the  “national high-tech enterprise”. Because of this honor, Macroocean will gain more confidence and power, thus continuely promoting the innovative research and development.

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