Macroocean established its European subsidiary to help expand the global market!

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September 1, 2018, Suzhou Macroocean Materials Co., Ltd. announced that it got the final approval of the regulatory body and established a wholly-owned subsidiary – Macroocean Materials Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany, to expand the company's marketing network in Europe. As the first subsidiary to set up overseas, Macroocean Europe plans to invest 250,000 Euro in the early stage. It will become Macroocean’s marketing-, warehousing-, logistics-, application testing-, technical support-, talent introduction, and customer service center in Europe.

>>>>Based on Macroocean's global development strategy, services are closer to customers

Macroocean is a young start-up in the field of polymer materials. It always adheres to the concept of high-quality customized service and quick response, committed to providing high-quality products and services to the global market. The establishment of European subsidiary is the need of company’s global development strategy, which will allow us to be closer to our customers and implement the service concept.

>>Precise docking of European market demand for high quality copolyester products

As a traditional region of fine chemical production and consumption, the European Union attaches great importance to food safety, thus Europe has a strong demand for high-quality copolyester products. Therefore, for Macroocean, the establishment of a European branch is a very important step. We believe that with our technical strength and the accumulated experience of operating in China, we can provide high-quality services and high-quality products to European customers by integrating local talents and keen insights into local business culture.

>>Take-off ready

Based on years of research and development, manufacture and marketing, Macroocean has had the core competence to serve the European market:

- been increasing variety of products and stability of quality

- been gradually improving customer development ability and brand awareness

Complete the EU REACH registration, make the preparation to enter the European market.

>>Explore the global market 

The establishment of the European subsidiary means a new beginning for the construction of Macroocean's global strategic vision and exploration of expansion. At the same time, the marketing network in the Asia-Pacific region has also made great progress in 2018. Currently, distributors nets in the local market have been established in Japan, Southeast Asia and Spain.

>>ECS Info.

ECS2019, on 3.19-21, 2019, will be the first appearance of Macroocean Europe. Look forward to your attention.

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